Implicit Bias as a Barrier to Health Care and Health Equity

Saturday, June 24, 2017: 8:30 AM-12:30 PM
Independence FG (Grand Hyatt Washington)
Have you ever wondered why sometimes our thoughts don't match our actions? Through a combination of didactic lecture, video clips, interactive exercises, and discussion, participants will learn more about implicit bias and how it affects our everyday lives, such as in criminal justice, employment, health care, housing, and media. Most importantly, participants will be equipped with tips and debiasing techniques for combating implicit bias as a strategy for reducing disparities in health and health care and promoting health equity.

  • Explore how implicit bias works in our everyday lives
  • Recognize microaggressions, microassaults, microsinsults, and micronivalidations
  • Examine implicit bias as a contributing factor to health and healthcare disparities
  • Take away tips and debiasing techniques for addressing implicit bias

**Please Note: In order to enhance your experience, this Learning Lab will require pre-work prior to the session. 

Cheri C Wilson, MA, MHS, CPHS (Health Equity Subject Matter Expert, N/A)
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