Learning Lab

Saturday, June 24, 2017

8:30 AM-12:30 PM

Board Requirements and Beyond: How to Build an HCH Board that Meets Requirements and Exceeds Expectations
Caroline Gumpenberger, MPH, Jennifer L. Metzler, MPH, David Modersbach, BA, Amy Gates Sparks, MA and Vincent A Keane, MDiv

Caring for People Experiencing Homelessness Facing End of Life
Adele M O'Sullivan, MD and Melissa Sandoval, MD

Equity in Substance Use Disorder Treatment
Rebecca Trotzky, M.D. and Kathleen M Garvin, RN, BA, MICN

Fostering Trauma-Informed Leadership Skills for Consumers
Katherine Cavanaugh, MSW, Rodney A Dawkins, Joanne Guarino, Valarie B Dowell, BA, Amy Grassette, Keith Belton, Joseph Benson, CHW, Kandi Lea Patterson, David Peery, JD and Deidre Young

Mobilizing Communities and Health Leaders to Prevent and Reduce Violence
Caroline Gumpenberger, MPH, Shannon Cosgrove, MHA and Johnnie Williams

Traumatic Brain Injury Learning Lab
Carolyn Lemsky, Ph.D., Psych ABPP-CN