Safety = Access: Lessons and Questions about Establishing Safety in HCH projects

Friday, June 23, 2017: 8:30 AM-10:00 AM
Bulfinch/Renwick (Grand Hyatt Washington)
Feeling safe is a fundamental need of all people. Finding safety is more complex for people who have experienced trauma and homelessness. For health care providers to deliver meaningful, comprehensive care, they must understand what makes consumers feel safe. Last year, the National Consumer Advisory Board (NCAB) created and administered a Consumer Participation Outreach Survey (CPO) last year to explore this question. Based on the results from that survey NCAB worked with providers, administrators, and security staff at various HCH projects to create a safety guide that contains recommendations for developing safe and healing spaces for both consumers and staff.
Katherine Cavanaugh, MSW (Consumer Advocate, National Health Care for the Homeless Council)
Rodney A Dawkins (NCAB Chair, Heartland Health Outreach)
Amy Grassette (OB Scheduler, Family Health Center)
Joanne Guarino (NCAB Regional Representative, Boston Health Care for the Homeless Program)
Valarie B Dowell, BA (NCAB Co-Chair, Cincinnati Health Network)
Terrye Sukari Finley, N/A (NCAB Peer Advocate, Los Angeles Christian Centers)
Paul L Tunison (NCAB Member at Large, San Mateo Medical Center)
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