Thursday, June 22, 2017

1:00 PM-2:30 PM

Constructing Powerful Stories: Tips from the National Consumer Advisory Board’s Storytelling Manual
Katherine Cavanaugh, MSW, Rodney A Dawkins, Amy Grassette, Joseph Benson, CHW, Art Rios, Terrye Sukari Finley, N/A and Philip Malebranche, B.A., Sociology

Dead People Don’t Recover
David Munson, MD, Susan Keyes, RN, Kate Orlin, BSN, RN, CARN, Courtney M Kenney, BA and David Rachlin, LICSW

Greater Norwalk Community Care Team, a cost-effective model of collaboration, healthcare quality and housing stability.
Katherine Michael, MD, Craig Glover, MBA, Jeannette Archer-Simons and Staci Peete, LCSW

Medical Respite: From Conceptualization to Realization
Lori Corey, LISW-S and Kelly D Miller, RN

Updates in Addiction Medicine 2016
Barry Zevin, MD and Joanna Eveland, MD, Board Certified American Board of Addiction Medicine

Who's on First: Using Acuity and Chronicity Scales to Coordinate Care
Deborah Borne, MD, MSW, Kate Franza, MSW, Siotha L King-Thomas, Drug and Alcohol Certificate and Scott Carlisle

3:00 PM-4:30 PM

Are We Doing Enough to End Homelessness? Part III
Jim O'Connell, MD, Jeff Olivet, MA, Kevin Lindamood, MSW, Barbara DiPietro, PhD and Wayne Centrone, NMD, MPH

Building a Culture of Philanthropy via Collaboration, Community and Innovative Consumer Engagement
Maureen Neal, CFRE, Tammy Rocker, Krista Graves, Kim Despres, DHA, RN and Denise Miles

Caring for the Homeless Patient with Mental Illness: General Treatment and the Use of Integrated Team Approaches to Client-Centered Care
Carrie Kowalski, MPAP, PA-C, Rose Garcia, MA, Christian Neal, MD, MPA and Kathryn Johnson, DO, MA

House Warming: Consumer developed and driven programs for getting into and staying in housing
Deborah Borne, MD, MSW, Scott Carlisle, Kadia Wormley, Douglas Goldstein, Talia Roven, Joanne Guarino and Lena Julia P Cardoso

Improving Culturally Competent, Trauma-Informed Care for Homeless LGBT Youth
Ryan Meyer, MPP, Brian Hujdich and Michael Shankle, MPH

The Activist Consumer Advisory Board: Empowering Consumers to Advocate and Catalyze Social Change
David Peery, JD, Art Rios, Terrye Sukari Finley, N/A and Warren P Berke

When Access Isn’t Enough: Building an Ambulatory ICU in a HCH Setting
Meg Devoe, MD, Michael Everly and Audrey Wagner, PharmD, BCBS

Friday, June 23, 2017

8:30 AM-10:00 AM

Assigned But Unengaged: Helping New Patients Access Primary Care
Gary Cobb, Miles Sledd and Catherine E Hull

Expanding Housing Through Healthcare Investment: Five Community Study
Joshua Bamberger, MD, MPH, Karen Batia, Ph.D and Richard Samson, JD

Safety = Access: Lessons and Questions about Establishing Safety in HCH projects
Katherine Cavanaugh, MSW, Rodney A Dawkins, Amy Grassette, Joanne Guarino, Valarie B Dowell, BA, Terrye Sukari Finley, N/A and Paul L Tunison

San Mateo County Street and Field Medicine: A Private/Public Partnership reaching Vulnerable Populations
Chloe Molla, Dashika L Woodridge, Christopher King, RN, MS, NP and Sarah Elizabeth Bailey, MS, AGNP, RN

The Health Neighborhood: An Innovative, Collaborative Care Model
Kathleen Kelleghan and Cara Pacione, MSW, LCSW

What’s new in homeless health care? A no-jargon summary of the latest research
Travis P. Baggett, MD, MPH, Stefan Kertesz, MD, MSc and Margot Kushel, MD

1:00 PM-2:30 PM

Consumer Advisory Boards: Creating Effective Internal and Organizational Structures
Katherine Cavanaugh, MSW, Rodney A Dawkins, Paul L Tunison, Joseph Benson, CHW and Derek A Winbush, n/a

Denver collaborates to reach "High Utilizers" through Social Impact Bond Initiative
Carrie Craig, MSW, LCSW, Katie Bonamasso, MSW and Jess Fear, MA, LPC

Shelter-based Meningitis Outbreak: Working together to vaccinate, treat, and investigate
Casey LK Leon, MPH, April Donahue, RN and Denise De Las Nueces, MD, MPH

Utilizing Medicaid and Health Resources for Housing Subsidies and Development
Christine Campbell and Russell L. Bennett, LGSW, PhD

Yes, We Can! Build Bridges Back to the HCH Medical Home after Mental Health Hospitalization
Faith Fusco, PCNS, BC, Susan Childs, CPS and Brian Diehl, LCSW

3:00 PM-4:30 PM

Building and Maintaining a Financially Sustainable Oral Health Program
Phillip Thompson, Allen Patterson, CGMA, CPA, FACME, MHA and Scott Wolpin, DMD

Collaborative Care: A Model for Improving the Health Outcomes of Homeless Formerly Incarcerated Women
Andrea M Link, MD, Alycia Welch, MPAff/MSSW and Vanessa R Schick, PhD

Community Health Workers and Peer Support Workers in Homelessness and Health Services
Rodney A Dawkins, Erin Hantke, MPH, Julia Dobbins, MSW, Steven Samra, MPA and Cheryl Gagne, ScD

Joining Strengths: Collaboration between SFFD, SFHOT and Sobering
Megan Kennel, MSN, RN, PHN, April Bassett, EMT-P and Kathleen Lee

The Consumer Engagement Trifecta: Recruitment, Engagement, Leadership
Vanessa Borotz, LGSW, Gary Cobb and Joseph Benson, CHW