Are We Doing Enough to End Homelessness? Part IV

Wednesday, May 16, 2018: 3:30 PM-4:30 PM
Greenway D-G (Hyatt Regency Minneapolis)
A number of mainstream media articles have hit the press proclaiming giant strides in ending homelessness. Yet - at the same time, Mayors in major cities have announced “states of emergency” over homelessness. Housing instability has hit an all-time high in some of the largest urban communities in the U.S. And, a casual walk through many cities reveals a staggering number of people experiencing homelessness. A great disconnect exists. This popular workshop will explore opportunities to align what we know with the evidence-supported practices designed to end homelessness.
Wayne Centrone, NMD, MPH (Senior Health Advisor, Center for Social Innovation)
Kevin Lindamood, MSW (President & CEO, Health Care for the Homeless, Baltimore)
Jim O'Connell, MD (President, Boston Health Care for the Homeless Program)
Jeffrey Olivet, MA (CEO, Center for Social Innovation)
Barbara DiPietro, PhD (Senior Director of Policy, National Health Care for the Homeless Council)
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