The Road to Meeting the National Medical Respite Standards

Thursday, May 17, 2018: 1:00 PM-2:30 PM
Greenway D-G (Hyatt Regency Minneapolis)
The Santa Clara Medical Respite Program developed a year-long quality improvement project in order to meet the newly published standards for medical respite programs.  Here, we describe the redefining of our roles in the process of executing this project and focus on 7 categories standard implementation fell into ranging from pre-existing policies and practices to adopting policies developed by other programs to insurmountable challenges, with examples of standards for each category.  Additionally, we will highlight the impact of implementing the standards on our program and our clients. 
Sara Jeevanjee, MD (Medical Director, Medical Respite Program, Santa Clara Valley Health and Hopsital System)
Lorna Lindo, MSW (Medical Social Worker, Valley Homeless Healthcare Program)
Laurie Mello, RN (Lead referral nurse, Valley Homeless Healthcare Program/ Medical Respite Prograk)
Dominga Villagomez, RN (Registered Nurse, Valley Homeless Healthcare Program)
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