Constructing Powerful Stories: Tips from the National Consumer Advisory Board’s Storytelling Manual

Thursday, June 22, 2017: 1:00 PM-2:30 PM
Cabin John/Arlington (Grand Hyatt Washington)
Storytelling has the power to build empathy, connect people, and share the experiences of our consumers and our organizations. It can also help us better use our personal experiences to influence policy change and move the larger discussion of homelessness from one focused on individual failures to one focused on finding solutions to broken systems. This workshop will share the Storytelling Guide from the National Consumer Advisory Board and discuss how to effectively share our stories in order to be effective advocates.
Katherine Cavanaugh, MSW (Consumer Advocate, National Health Care for the Homeless Council)
Rodney A Dawkins (NCAB Chair, Heartland Health Outreach)
Amy Grassette (OB Scheduler, Family Health Center)
Joseph Benson, CHW (Community Health Worker, Health Care for the Homeless Houston)
Art Rios (NCAB Regional Representative, Central City Concern)
Terrye Sukari Finley, N/A (NCAB Peer Advocate, Los Angeles Christian Centers)
Philip Malebranche, B.A., Sociology (NCAB Member at Large, Care for the Homeless)
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