Who's on First: Using Acuity and Chronicity Scales to Coordinate Care

Thursday, June 22, 2017: 1:00 PM-2:30 PM
Franklin Square (Grand Hyatt Washington)
Join us to discuss how we developed and use San Francisco Transitions Division Acuity and Chronicity tool to improve the referral processes and deliver high quality care to consumers. Taken from our experience working with integrated mobile primary care, the scale and clinical framework is used to move clients between different levels of medical, behavioral health, housing, case management, and navigation care. One of our consumers, case managers, project director, and providers will give feedback on their experience using these tools. Participants are encouraged to take this tool and mold it to fit the needs of their own community.
Deborah Borne, MD, MSW (Medical Director Transitions Division, San Francisco Department of Public Health)
Kate Franza, MSW (Project Manager, Asian & Pacific Islander Wellness Center)
Siotha L King-Thomas, Drug and Alcohol Certificate (Case Manager, Homeless Outreach Team, San Francisco Department of Public Health)
Scott Carlisle (Consumer, HHOME/Tace)
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