Dental Care for the Homeless and Uninsured; Wherever You Are

Thursday, June 22, 2017: 7:00 AM
Douglas Janssen, JD (Outreach Coordinator, Community Health Center, Inc.)
Melissa Aurora (Access to Care Coordinator, Community Health Center, Inc.)
Integrating comprehensive dental care to primare care services for the homeless and uninsured in a manner that is client centered and provides clients with the best dental health outcomes. While consistent dental hygiene services are offered but not well utilized by clients, special comprehensive "Mission of Mercy" type dental events have been very successful, providing dental care to more than 300 people to date, improving their overall health and well being. This is part of a grant funded study we are conducting to determine the most effective and client centered dental care methodology. So far, consumer feedback tells us that the special events are more successful than the consistent hygiene services we typically provide.