Connecting quality management to passion, change, and advocacy

Friday, June 3, 2016: 8:00 AM-12:00 PM
Galleria South (Hilton Portland)
This Learning Lab is a roller coaster ride through the theory and implementation of Quality Management. The ride begins with a plunge into quality theory, exploring how the roots of quality science can open up a new paradigm for HCH providers. This shift of thinking challenges us to see quality and homelessness within a broader community perspective and can help us shift from an organization-centric perspective to one that can help end homelessness. After considering this quality paradigm shift, we’ll focus on practical approaches that engage participants in activities to demonstrate the power of quality. This section will not only give participants confidence in their own ability to do quality work, but also a powerful Quality Improvement Tool (Model for Improvement) that they can use within their own programs. The Model for Improvement is proven to be a highly effective and robust framework that supports collaborative, strategic, systematic, accelerated change and can be facilitated by novice evaluators, administrators, and leaders. This tool provides methodologies of setting clear aims, establishing reasonable measures, and selecting feasible improvement projects. The Learning Lab finishes by examining quality improvement in relation to the science of organizational change. At its core, quality is about identifying changes that can positively impact an identified problem. To test and implement changes, leaders must guide people through a process to change behavior and thinking. An organization’s ability to implement change allows it to realized better outcomes for patients and clients. Change is difficult and leadership is critical to the success of any quality initiative. A well-positioned quality program can change organizations, communities, and the quality of services patients receive.
Matt Bennett, MBA, MA (Chief Innovations Officer, Coldspring Center)
Bettina Harmon, MDiv (President & Chief Quality Officer, Coldspring Center for Social & Health Innovation)
Brooke Bender, MPH (Quality & Evaluation Specialist, Coldspring Center for Social & Health Innovation)
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