Navigating the housing arena from public to supportive housing

Friday, June 3, 2016: 8:00 AM-12:00 PM
Galleria North (Hilton Portland)
This Learning Lab will focus on the interactions of key stakeholders in the health and housing arenas and their roles in supportive housing and continuity of care. The presentation will begin with an in-depth look at different types of public housing and where supportive housing fits into the public housing arena. This discussion will then explore local partners in the housing arena like regional HUD, Public Housing Authorities, Americorp VISTA programs, FQHCs, CBOs, faith based organizations and strategies for engagement of these stakeholders. The next portion of the presentation will examine the ways in which FQHCs capture the demographics of their patient population, in particular how they count people without homes and public housing residents for the Uniform Data System Report. Discussion will focus on the infrastructure of FQHCs and how their diversity drives the methodology for determining patient demographics. Conversation will examine which local stakeholders to engage in the process of counting patients and the implications of this information on expanding services around supportive housing. This final segment will focus on considerations for FQHCs interested in supportive housing services (financing operations and budgeting for supportive housing) and affordability of supportive housing (vouchers and exploring new models of reimbursement for services). We will explore case studies highlighting different types of administrative and service options for supportive housing programs with a focus on the different types of funding support (mainstream funding, state funded, engaging health care community to support people through Medicaid funding channels). At the completion of this presentation, participants will be able to identify where they fit in the supportive housing world, the stakeholders they need to engage in the discussion around supportive housing in their local community, and best practices for their particular communities.
Alex Lehr, MPH (Program Director, Community Health Partners for Sustainability)
Liz Buck (Program Manager, CSH)
Kristine Gonella, MPH (Manager, Technical Assistance and Consultation, Community Health Partners for Sustainability)
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