You receive federal funding! Why should we support you? How would you answer that question?

Tuesday, May 31, 2016: 8:30 AM-4:30 PM
Galleria North (Hilton Portland)
Working Together for Quality must be an organization-wide commitment. If one aspect of the organization is not strong and unable to provide sufficient support, then all other areas are not as effective as they could be. This statement could not be truer than in the area of fund development as it relates to establishing your value and making your case for support. The process of fund development: the identification of prospective resources, sharing the organizational story to cultivate those prospects, exercising the stewardship necessary to obtain and sustain the receipt of additional resources are best accomplished when we are all working together. But, how does an agency identify and organize the tasks necessary to create a quality-driven, effective model for financial sustainability? What does that look like? As we are all too aware, the federal funding for 330h grantees does not fully fund our programmatic offerings. So, where do those additional financial resources come from to fill the funding gap? How do you identify those resources? Whose job is it to secure the additional resources? Is it the fund development manager, if you have one? The CEO? The Medical Director? The Case Manager? The Board? How do you determine and communicate your value? Are you providing quality and cost-effective services and how do you communicate that to your prospective patients, partners, and/or the community-at-large? This presentation will answer all these questions and more as we take participants through small and large group discussion, interactive exercises, skills-building processes, and modeling in order to build organizational capacity while establishing the fund development process as a quality measure.
Maureen Neal, CFRE (COO, Advancement, The Daily Planet)
Donald Shepard, PhD (Professor, Brandeis University)
Caitlin Feller, MPP, PCMH CCE (Principal, Community Health Solutions (CHS))
Helena DeLigt, LCSW (COO, Programs, The Daily Planet)