Homelessness is a symptom of racism, and we're only treating the symptom

Thursday, June 2, 2016: 10:00 AM-11:30 AM
Skyline I (Hilton Portland)
Racism exists. Its manifestations and impacts are seen and felt throughout our society – both in unjust social policies and within social service organizations seeking to promote justice. This workshop will explore the complex connections between racism and homelessness. Presenters will share findings from their recent review, which maps the existing research on race and homelessness across areas such as health, housing, mental health and addiction, trauma, criminal justice, social supports, and culturally competent interventions. But racism doesn’t just manifest “out there:” the workshop also will examine the ways that structural racism manifests within health and social service organizations. Participants will consider what becoming an anti-racism organization means and reflect on the areas their organizations might focus on to make progress toward this goal. Together, workshop participants will develop goals for themselves and their organization and share tool for tracking progress toward collectively dismantling racism in our communities and organizations.
Heather Strauss (Client Access Associate, Health Care for the Homeless)
Gerardo Benavides (Disability Assistance Outreach Specialist, Health Care for the Homeless)
Jeff Olivet, MA (CEO, Center for Social Innovation)
Marc Dones, BA (Senior Analyst, Health Policy, Center for Social Innovation)
Leonard Croft (Client Access Associate, Health Care for the Homeless)
Adam Schneider, MA, MSW (Director of Community Relations, Health Care for the Homeless Baltimore)
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