The clinical is the political: Talking social justice in treatment settings

Thursday, June 2, 2016: 10:00 AM-11:30 AM
Broadway III (Hilton Portland)
Clinicians typically are not expected to address social oppression as part of their everyday practice. But is it our ethical responsibility to help clients contextualize their life experiences within a macro-level framework of institutionalized injustice? Is it our place to help clients disempowered by racism and patriarchy find language to describe their experiences? And, once it's out there, how do we collaborate with advocates to connect clients with movements for social change? In this knowledge-generating workshop, a guided discussion and facilitated activities will address these questions. We will examine some of the unjust policies and macro-level structural problems that impact our clients lives and help clinical providers who may not come from a policy background increase their comfort with these types of discussions. Participants will join with one another to identify and practice ways to help further the work of activating and engaging the directly-affected populations we serve.
Bilqis Rock, LGSW (SOAR Coordinator, Health Care for the Homeless)
David Avruch, LCSW-C (Mental Health Therapist, Health Care for the Homeless)
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