Empowerment in consumer governance

Thursday, June 2, 2016: 10:00 AM-11:30 AM
Galleria I (Hilton Portland)
Health Centers are required to engage consumers in governance either through participation on the Board of Directors or outreach that solicits contributions such as focus groups, surveys, or Consumer Advisory Boards. This involvement provides consumers with the opportunity to ensure that people experiencing homelessness have their health care needs effectively addressed. This workshop will identify best practices in fulfilling this responsibility, including both structural considerations (e.g., how consumer advice is gathered and incorporated into agency decision-making) and practical tips for participating in decision-making processes (e.g., how to conduct a meeting and consensus decision making).
Carmon Ryals, N/A (Consumer Advisory Board Committee Member, Albuquerque Health Care for the Homeless and AHCH BOARD OF DIRECTORS, Albuquerque Health Care for the Homeless)
Derek Winbush, n/a (Board Member, Boston Health Care for the Homeless)
Tina Hayes, N/A (NCAB Co-Chair, Chairperson Mercy Care Consumer Advisory Board, Mercy Care)
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