Coordinated entry: Understanding and improving the way your clients enter permanent supportive housing

Wednesday, June 1, 2016: 10:00 AM-11:30 AM
Council Suite (Hilton Portland)
Supportive housing is a crucial component in helping people become successful in managing their mental health, physical health, and substance abuse. Federal policy is currently mandating changes be made in the way that people access supportive housing by using a Coordinated Entry system. Coordinated Entry is intended to close all side doors to supportive housing in a community and create a single waiting list. To create this list, communities must determine how to assess people experiencing homelessness for the type of housing they need and how to prioritize people based on those assessments. This session will provide an overview of Coordinated Entry, teach tools on how to coordinate efforts with the local CoC/housing providers, and strategies to best advocate now to effect the policy changes in supportive housing to help their patients.
Kim Keaton, MPA (Senior Program Manager, CSH)
Helena DeLigt, LCSW (COO, Programs, The Daily Planet)
Margaret Flanagan, LGSW (Director of Grants Management, Health Care for the Homeless)
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