What did you say? Reframing and messaging in HCH advocacy

Wednesday, June 1, 2016: 1:00 PM-2:00 PM
Broadway II (Hilton Portland)
HCH grantees and our supporters are passionate about advocating for health care rights for all and housing for people in need. This workshop will offer anyone with a stake in housing and health care rights easy methods to reframe advocacy messaging and best practice techniques through PowerPoint presentation, video, facilitated discuss, and group work. By examining components of advocacy campaigns, participants will learn what is most likely to be successful and what to avoid in their own messaging. In addition to reviewing key advocacy case studies, including the messaging and advocacy conducted by HCH grantees, this presentation will use public opinion research to explore what concepts and phrases campaigns are most likely to produce positive outcomes. Participants will leave with basic principles allowing them to reframe HCH issues, and participate in broader advocacy on issues of social justice, poverty and the need for human services: use public opinion research to identify concepts and target audiences for best advocacy outcomes, identify ways that providers, consumer and HCH stakeholders can reframe the conversation, discuss common messaging don’ts to avoid, and tie discussion to current issues in social justice and homelessness. Participants will review case studies in effective/ineffective messaging and work to reframe the messages more effectively.
Jeff Foreman, JD, MGA, MA, MS (Policy Director, Care for the Homeless)
Philip Malebranche, B.A., Sociology (Member, National Consumer Advisory Board, National Health Care for the Homeless Council)
Dominiq Williams (Policy Associate, Care for the Homeless)
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